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Sen. Cramer Discusses Pro-Life Philosophy, Fufeng Investment on BEK News

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WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Kevin Cramer (R-ND) joined Ladies of Another View on BEK News to discuss his pro-life philosophy and the Fufeng Group’s purchase of Grand Forks land for a corn milling plant. Excerpts and full video are below.

On the Unborn Child Support Act:

“If you’re a single mom, the father of your child has obligation. My bill simply makes those obligations [recognized] immediately upon conception, which, of course, is the demonstration of ‘life begins at conception.’ […] For me, it was a way to say, ‘Okay, I’m pro-life, but we have to be looking out for the mother as well,’ not just simply imposing this belief and then walking away.”

Click here to learn more about Senator Cramer’s Unborn Child Support Act.

On Fufeng, Strategic Decoupling:

“You don’t have to be the head of the C.I.A. to know Communist China is a bad actor, and my fundamental philosophy on China has become — along with a lot of others, I think this is an evolving position for people — [the U.S.] should be looking to decouple ourselves [from China] more and more. My objection immediately to the corn milling facility was based less on [its proximity to the Grand Forks] Air Force Base, and maybe more on the fact that we don’t want China taking more control of critical supply chains in our country.”

“I did ask for not one, but two classified briefings – one from [The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States] and one from the Department of the Air Force. I received both of them. […] I asked specifically the lawyers, when I leave this skiff, can I say this: ‘Your determination that you didn’t have jurisdiction is in no way a judgment on the merits of this investment’? They said, ‘You can absolutely say that. We are not passing any judgement.’ In other words, [the non-jurisdictional determination] was not a green light.”

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