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This Stock Market Indicator Shows a Rally Is Around the Corner

stock market indicator - This Stock Market Indicator Shows a Rally Is Around the Corner

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The stock market is off to a red-hot start in the new year. If you feel like this could be the start of a big new bull market – and if you think buying the dip in stocks today could make you fortunes over the next 12 months – then you’re absolutely right.

Just two days ago, something extraordinary happened in the stock market. Historically, it is something that only happens at the end of bear markets and the start of new bull markets. 

This something is an ultra-rare price momentum indicator. 

It’s called the “Breakaway Momentum” signal. 

As the name implies, the indicator flashes when the stock market has very strong upside momentum consistent with the start of massive breakouts. It does this by measuring the ratio of advancing stocks to declining stocks over a 10-day period. 

Specifically, it measures the ratio of the total number of advancing stocks to the total number of declining stocks on the NYSE. When that ratio exceeds 1.97, this signal is triggered, and the stock market is said to have “breakaway momentum.”

And for the first time since the depths of the pandemic in 2020, the stock market has breakaway momentum

Breaking Down This Powerful Stock Market Indicator

On Thursday, that ratio of advancing to declining stocks on the NYSE broke above 1.97. Throughout this entire bear market, this is the first breakaway-momentum period for stocks. The last time was in June 2020, when it was bursting out of the COVID-induced bear market.

A graph depicting the breakaway momentum threshold

Historically, this is very significant. 

This is just the 25th time over the past 75 years that the stock market’s Breakaway Momentum indicator has been triggered. 

In each of the previous 24 times this indicator was triggered, stocks were higher six to 12 months later – every time. 

Let me repeat that. 

Through 75 years of data and 24 different signals, the Breakaway Momentum indicator has 100% certainty of predicting big stock market rallies. And the average returns over the following 12 months? More than 20%.

A table detailing forward returns in the SPX after the breakaway momentum indicator is triggered

That indicator just flashed two days ago.

What’re you waiting for? 

Inflation appears to be crashing. The Fed may soon end its rate-hiking campaign. The economy has remained surprisingly resilient. Tensions from the Russia-Ukraine war are easing. China’s reopening. And now the most powerful, most predictive, and most accurate price momentum indicator of all time just flashed. 

What are you waiting for? 

The stock market is about to break out. As it does, dozens of stocks will soar hundreds of percent over the next 12 months alone. 

The time to make fortunes in a massive stock market rebound has arrived

The Final Word

Luckily for you, we’ve created a proprietary quantitative trading system specifically to capitalize on this coming stock market boom. 

This is a very robust system. My team and I have spent over a year developing, testing, and fine-tuning it – all to help us make fortunes when the next bull market arrives. 

Well, folks, the next bull market has arrived. That means it is time to deploy this system – and make fortunes. 

Next Thursday afternoon at 4 p.m. Eastern, I will reveal this system in a tell-all broadcast. And I’ll share just why this quantitative system will be the key to changing your stock market fortunes right now

This is a presentation you do not want to miss!

Reserve your seat for that event now. 

See you there!

On the date of publication, Luke Lango did not have (either directly or indirectly) any positions in the securities mentioned in this article.

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